Righteous Jews
Awarding the Title

Currently, the award for being selected to the list of RighteousJews.org is a simple button with the symbol of the saber (the Arabic word for cactus and the same as the Hebrew word, sabra), that prickly little plant that is all that remains of over 400 Palestinian villages and towns destroyed in 1948 and in 1967. The cactus is the embodiment of samud, the Arabic word for steadfastness.

In the future RighteousJews.org hopes to be able to provide each person on its honored list with a specially-minted medal bearing his or her name and a certificate and a tree planted in Israel/Palestine in his or her honor. Ceremonies will be held in the hometowns of honored recipients and will be attended by representatives of both the Jewish and the Palestinian communities along with wide media coverage.