Righteous Jews
My Prayer

By Rich Siegel

18 November 2012

I recognize that there is One God, One Love, everywhere present, that the fabric of the Universe is made of this One Love, One Spirit, that The One expresses as star, as rock, as sand, as tree, as flower, as bird, as snail, as fish, as mammal, as all of matter, and all of life from the lowest to the highest, that this One Love expresses as Humanity in all its races and cultures, and that all of Humankind's religions are attempts to embrace and access the One Love which is our truest, deepest, eternal nature; are attempts to KNOW our eternal nature, and to unite with our source, One God, One Love.

I know, that as God expresses as Me, that God and I are One. I know equally that as God expresses as my brothers and sisters, that I am One with all my brothers and sisters, and that my brothers and sisters are all One with God. I know that the three Abrahamic faiths all teach that there is One God, and so I know that I am one with all Muslims and Christians and Jews, and one with all peoples of all faiths around the world and one with people who do not acknowledge faith. I am unified in Spirit with all of God's human family. That spirit is made of Love and it thrives in an environment of peace. I embrace all of my human family, and all of the planet, with all its life forms, in the spirit of peace.

I affirm that the spirit of peace lives and thrives in the Holy Land. I affirm that all its children grow up in an atmosphere of peace, justice, equality, abundance, nurturing, and good will. I affirm, as it is written, Lo Yisa Goy El Goy Cherev, V'lo Yilm' Du Od Milchama. Nation Shall Not Lift Up Sword Against Nation, Neither Shall They Know War Any More.

I deny that old and antiquated ways of thinking have any power any more. I deny that any association of religion with ideas of bigotry, tribal chauvinism, or preferential relationship with God, have any sway over the followers of the three Abrahamic faiths any more. I deny that true followers of the One God, will ever misinterpret the will of God in such a way that they use it to harm their fellow man, any more. I deny that selfish economic motive can have any more power in a spiritually evolving humanity.

I re-affirm that the followers of the three Abrahamic faiths, and all faiths, and those that do not follow a faith, live an accordance with their awareness of all humankind as brethren. I see swords being turned into plowshares in the Holy Land, and all over the planet. I see America shutting down all of its overseas bases and bringing all of its troops home. I see the dismantling of all nuclear warheads, beginning in a place called Dimona. I see my Jewish people re-interpreting our history, taking responsibility for it, ceasing to consider "What's good for the Jews", and instead considering "What's good for all humankind", knowing that what's good for all is what's good for the Jews. I see the end of Jewish supremacy in the Holy Land, and I see those who have been cast out invited to return to conditions of peace and brotherhood. I see Jews humbly surrendering properties that have been stolen to those who lost them.

I see the followers of the three Abrahamic faiths removing any and all notions of bigotry from their religious teachings. I see the end to all bigotry against ethnic and religious groups, the end to all bigotry against women, the end to all bigotry against homosexuals. I see the end to all un-evolved notions of God, as a man with a beard and a book, sitting on a cloud, having any dealing with favorite tribes or people or real estate. I see the end to the concept of "chosen-ness", and I see all peoples aware that all are equally chosen.

I see myself bringing my family to enjoy Gaza as a peaceful beach resort, with no threat of IDF bombs. I see myself harvesting olives in the West Bank, with my Palestinian brothers and sisters, under conditions of peace, with no threat of settler violence. I see myself traveling the Holy Land, north to south, east to west, being equally welcomed in mosque, synagogue, and church. I see the teachings of Mohammed, of Jesus, and of the Jewish prophets, respected by all. I see the joy of peaceful co-existence, of diversity, and the awareness of unity in that diversity.

I see all these things because I know that all my human brothers and sisters are infinitely capable of knowing their oneness with God, and with each other, and are infinitely capable of taking on their first and most important responsibility: to care for the angels that God gives us to care for: our children and our neighbors' children.

I release this prayer to God and God's Universe, as I see the gentle hush of peace in the Holy Land and all over the planet, as I lay myself to sleep with the joyful expectation that the morning will bring the sounds of the playful laughter of all the children of the planet, living in peace.

And I am grateful.

And so it is.


Rich Siegel
Teaneck, NJ USA